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ETA Filters are particulate matter filters manufactured by Aerocolloid LLC. ETA Filters provide high efficiency (HEPA with >99.99% at 0.1 μm) at low pressure drop and with outstanding filter holding capacity. ETA filters have been tested in the laboratory using sophisticated particle instrumentation to measure filtration efficiency. Our filters are manufactured in the USA under the most rigorous manufacturing and quality control requirements to ensure quality in each filter sold. ETA filters are also available for special applications with more stringent filtration requirements (ULPA filtration) ETA filters can be used in a wide range of applications including:

  • HEPA filtration and sound attenuation downstream of general-purpose compressors and vacuum pumps at temperatures up to 200 °F and pressures up to 50 psig.
  • HEPA filtration upstream of mass and volumetric flow meters or controllers that can be fouled by particle contaminants in the gas stream.
  • HEPA filtration for research and development testing in the fields of aerosol and powder technology.
  • HEPA filtration of gas streams with bacteria and viruses at high flow rates.
  • HEPA filtration of residual drug-containing waste streams produced during testing of pharmaceutical inhaler devices.
  • HEPA filtration for the intake and exhaust of oxygen concentrator devices, protecting the patient and extending the life of the compressor.

About ETA Filters

Aerocolloid LLC began production of ETA Filters under the premise of No Compromise Filtration™, where filtration efficiency and pressure drop should not have to be sacrificed for price. Using modern manufacturing techniques, ETA Filters is proud to bring to market a line of HEPA capsule filters that provide exceptional performance at a reasonable price. Whether they are used to increase the life of blowers or pumps, or to provide particle free air in scientific research, ETA Filters promises to never sacrifice quality for price.